DRYAD – Pulley

Compact double pulley for block-and-tackle systems. Main attachment point accommodates two carabiners and the becket features a bottom attachment point for linking components in a block-and-tackle system. For use with ropes up to 13 mm. Prusik minding, the self-locking knot can be installed on both sides of both wheels. Self-lubricated brass bushings are sufficient for light applications at low speed. Efficiency: 80%. Aluminum alloy body and wheels, stainless steel axle.
รหัสสินค้า: 2156 หมวดหมู่: ,


Ref. Product name Weight Inner sheave diameter Rope diameter Max Working load Max Breaking load Brass bushing Sheave material CE Logo EAC Logo
g oz mm mm kN LBF kN LBF EN 12278
2156 DRYAD 170 6.0 28 13 1 kN x 4 = 4 kN 225 LBF x 4 = 900 LBF 24 5396 Aluminum alloy
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