ACCESS SIT – Sit harness

Our best-selling full body harness for suspension and work positioning activities. The Golden Top Plus offers all of the functionality of our most advanced rope access harness models in a minimalist, cost effective package.
Patented ventral attachment features two loops: the upper loop is for attaching a chest harness and chest ascender and the lower loop holds the ventral D-ring for attaching lanyards and rope tools. Supplied with the patented HMS Belay Lock connector that features an anti-rotation system. Equipped with a keeper strap for securing a chest ascender in a streamlined way.
Patented STS automatic buckles on the leg loops.
5 steel attachment points: 1 sternal and 1 dorsal for fall arrest, 1 ventral for suspension and 2 side for positioning and restraint.
2 sizes.
2021 UPDATE: two new slots for the Kilo and Hub gear carabiners.

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New Ref. Product name Size Weight B Waist C Legs D Height CE Logo EAC Logo
g oz B – Waist (cm) C – Legs (cm) D – Height (cm) EN 358 EN 361 EN 813
Update 092111-1 GOLDEN TOP PLUS S-L 2000 70.6 70-110 45-65 55-75
092111-2 L-XXL 2100 74.1 80-130 55-75 65-85