ISOTOP 7.6 mm – Dynamic Rope

  • Hyperlight dual-rated half and twin rope for light and fast glacier and snow travel
  • Uniform Thread treatment with Dry treatment on the sheath

The Isotop is our skinniest rope, specifically designed for use in ski mountaineering and glacier travel. Available in 20 and 30 meter lengths. Note: Only use the Isotop as a single line on low angle terrain where the potential forces are lower than more technical, vertical climbing.

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Ref. Product name Length Weight Type Impact force kN UIAA falls N° Dynamic elongation (%) Static elongation (%) Sheath slippage Dry Middle Mark Material CE Logo UIAA Logo
g/m oz Half Twin Half Twin Half Twin Half Twin Half Twin mm EN 892 101
0803 ISOTOP 7.6 mm 20 m 40 1.4 6,3 10,1 7 16 28,5 26,5 9,2 5 0 Polyamide 6
30 m
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