Auto-braking single rope descender with two locking positions. Descent speed can be controlled up to 2 m/s. Maximum working load: 160 kg (200 kg for rescue scenarios).
– EN 12841/C as a descender of the working line for semi-static ropes ranging from 9 to 12 mm.
– EN 341/2A as an emergency evacuation device on a single line, 11 mm semi-static rope (certified with rope Teufelberger Patron 11 mm, compatible with rope Iridium 11 mm).
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Ref. Product name Weight Breaking load Rope diameter min Rope diameter max CE Logo STANDARD Rescue use
g oz kN mm mm
138803 I-BLOCK EVO BLACK 430 15.2 15 10 12 EN 12841/C EN 341/2A Max 200 kg
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